Chad Hyatt

Chad Hyatt has made a name for himself in Northern California and beyond by sharing his delicious spin on wild mushroom cookery at public and private events. Both an expert forager and classically trained chef, he has cooked in a variety of restaurants and private clubs around the San Francisco Bay area, where he can often be found putting on wild mushroom themed dinners and teaching mushroom related classes.

Chad's cooking career began more than a decade ago, after leaving an engineering career for culinary school. He has cooked in a wide range of kitchens, from Michelin-starred fine dining to opening a BBQ restaurant, and from country club to gastropub. He is passionate about approachable comfort food, based on local, seasonal ingredients, and, of course, wild mushrooms. 

Chad dove into mushroom hunting shortly after beginning his cooking career, and quickly gained a local reputation for eating the “weird mushrooms” that nobody else collected. As his mushroom hunting knowledge improved, his kitchen skills began to open up doors to cooking and teaching at various mushroom events in California and beyond. He still has a reputation for eating all of the weird mushrooms, though these days people often pay to share the experience.

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Lindsay Kucera

Lindsay Kucera is currently the Chef de Cuisine for Kaladi Brothers Coffee in Anchorage. A lifelong Alaskan, she is a self-taught baker and cook. She studied journalism before changing paths and pursuing food, joining up with the creative team at the Rustic Goat. 

She is passionate about foraging and writing (and writing about foraging), and believes a great meal can make magic happen. If she's not in the kitchen, you can usually find her mucking about in the woods. Indulge in her decadent cooking as Copper River Prince William Sound Marketing Association’s guest chef during the Wild Harvest Feast on Saturday, August 31st. Contact Copper River Watershed Project for tickets, but hurry! They sell out fast!


Ken Hodges

Recently retired from the USFS- Cordova Ranger District, Ken has taken several mycology and fleshy fungi courses at Humboldt State University under the strict tutelage of Dr. David “Sergeant” Largent. His main fungal interests include identifying edible mushrooms and testing their culinary properties. Ken has lived in Cordova for 15+ years and spent most of that time "on the hunt" for anything that will cook up well or be preserved.

Kate Mohatt

Kate Mohatt is the Prince William Sound zone ecologist based on the Glacier Ranger District in Girdwood Alaska. She co-organizes the Girdwood Fungus Fair and the Cordova Fungus Festival and co-authored the Mushrooms of the National Forests in Alaska booklet. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR and completed a Masters in Plant Science at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT studying mycorrhizal fungi associated with whitebark pine. She has been collecting fungi in Alaska since 2006, with annual trips to the west coast in the fall and early winter to extend the mushroom season.

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