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Noah Siegel

Noah Siegel serves as a trustee for the Northeast Mycological Federation and North American Mycological Association (NAMA). Noah travels and lectures extensively across America, following the mushrooms. He is one of the premier mushroom photographers in the nation, having won numerous awards from the NAMA photography contest. His technique and attention to detail are unrivaled, arising from a philosophy of maximizing utility for identification purposes while maintaining a high degree of aesthetic appeal. He just finished, along with Christian Schwarz, Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast, a comprehensive guide for the northern California coast. 


Rick Van de Poll

Rick Van de Poll is a an ecologist/naturalist/wetlands scientist from New England, who has also taught in the Pacific Northwest. Last year's festival was his first trip to Alaska. Rick is joining us as a presenter/foray mycologist.

He has recorded over 1,300 mushrooms in New Hampshire, including a number of undescribed species. After studying with Dr. Harry Thiers at San Francisco State University, he taught Mycology at Antioch New England, and then Mycology as an adjunct faculty at Plymouth State University. He co-founded the Monadnock Mushroom Club, and the local Sandwich Area Mushroom (SAM) Club. You can read more about Rick here: http://www.rickvandepoll.com/.

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Kate Mohatt

Kate Mohatt is the Prince William Sound zone ecologist based on the Glacier Ranger District in Girdwood Alaska. She co-organizes the Girdwood Fungus Fair and the Cordova Fungus Festival and co-authored the Mushrooms of the National Forests in Alaska booklet. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR and completed a Masters in Plant Science at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT studying mycorrhizal fungi associated with whitebark pine. She has been collecting fungi in Alaska since 2006, with annual trips to the west coast in the fall and early winter to extend the mushroom season.