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Portraits of Nature Art Opening featuring artist Kristin Link

Join natural history artist Kristin Link for the opening of her exhibit at the Copper River Gallery in the Cordova Center. Learn more about her work at

Artist's Statement

I am in love with studying the natural world around me, and from my place of solitude on the Nizina River, outside McCarthy, AK, I have plenty of opportunities to do so. When I make a painting or drawing I spend intense time observing my subjects and distilling their shapes and textures onto the page with pen, paint, and pencil. I use select detail, like a divot in a rock or the shape of a leaf, to create focus and move the eye across the page. I create intimate portraits of inanimate objects including bird nests, clumps of vegetation, and rocks to appreciate the beauty and the story of each thing. In some work, other papers including maps or ledger paper, are incorporated into my drawings. These help me to tell the story of how we try to understand and quantify the land around us. I use my training as a naturalist and science illustration to make observations about natural history, but I am also interested in the human connection, and how I project myself onto the world around me.